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Just received my very first Club W wine delivery.  After much time of contemplating on whether to start on one of the many wine clubs available, this one finally convinced me.  I love trying different wines from different regions but I’m always so skeptical about making choices when wandering through my local wine shop.  Club W offer small batch wines from all over the world at $13/bottle (curators choice up to $23) plus $6 flat rate shipping.  For the winter we are getting here in New York, the $6 shipping sold me.
Spec cards
In January new customers were offered 50% off of their first order so I got 3 bottles for a total $27.16 including the shipping!!!!  What a freaking bargain!  Each bottle comes carefully packaged with it’s own descriptive recipe card.  You can skip a month or cancel altogether at anytime.   Use this special link to get one free bottle on them just for trying them out.  So what’s there lose?  Give it a try!




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