Here I’ll share some of my best recipes.

Many have been adapted from my mamma who learned from her mamma who learned from her mamma and so on.  Many generations of typical Puerto Rican foods and dishes all crammed into my head.  Some of these are original recipes and others are very common dishes whose recipes can be found all over the internet. I will share MY families version of these foods.  I want to thank my mamma for teaching me the importance of keeping our culture in our everyday lives.

I come from a VERY large family.  We are 6 siblings, all married with children.  Some of those children are also married and have children  so Sunday dinners and Holidays average about 45 people.  Many of my recipes are measured for very large portions but can be altered easily to fit your families needs.  Please keep that in mind when following one of my recipes and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Breakfast Treats                                              What’s For Dinner?

Baked Goods



Puerto Rican Cuisine

Sangria De Guayaba




As you may know, sofrito is a staple in any Latin kitchen.  It is a homemade puree of fresh onion garlic and green peppers usually made on a monthly basis and kept on hand for daily use in soups, stews, meats and beans.  Variations can vary widely but I will share my families version. Ingredients … Continue reading Sofrito

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