Hey there!!   I’m Lissette and so excited to have you here discovering my recipes, projects and everyday antics.  I’m a full time Day Care Provider who’s PASSIONATE ABOUT KNITTING, SEWING, PHOTOGRAPHY,  COOKING AND LEADING A LIFE FULL OF GOOD  TIMES, GREAT FOODS AND  SPONTANEOUS ADVENTURES WITH MY FAMILY.  SNOW DAYS, RED WINE AND GOOD BOKAH MAKE ME SMILE.
I Love to blog about bloggers! with So many recipes and projects waiting to be tried, I just can’t keep myself from RUMMAGING through Pinterest daily in search of my next task. Whether its sewing a bag or building a table, chances are I got the idea from Pinterest.
I invite you to try one or many of my recipes that are based on my culture and Puerto Rican roots.  Most require little time, simple ingredients and hardley ever call for elaborate equiptment.
So take some time to snoop around my blog and feel free to tell me what you think.  I hope to inspire you to take up a new craft, bake a cake or simply grab a camera and become your families memory keeper.

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