A Brand New Year

It’s the 2nd day of the new year and new resolutions are being heard everywhere. From weight loss, to healthier habits, to repairing financial woes.  These to me are also important and could be ones I would consider but after analyzing my life, or should I say “our” life, anyone would agree that getting organized should be our priority.  In this house closets, pantries, bedrooms, sock draws and every crevice in between (even my yarn stash) could use a little putting together.  This year I vow to find a place for everything and put everything in its place.  I will start at the heart of our lives, MY OFFICE!

This is where I spend most of time during the work week.  It is my work office, my family office, my craft supply room and library squeezed into this tiny 5’x4′ room so organization is key for functionality.  Being the visual person that I am, I will start by making a list of all things in this hideaway that need a home.  Pencils, paper, bills, books, knitting needles, paint, and pictures will need somewhere to hide.  Let’s begin!





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