Be Warm With Wool Winter Wreath


main wreath pic


Being a yarn snob is not easy.   I am gifted so many skeins of acrylic yarn from family and friends who mean well but don’t understand the term “natural fiber” and continue to load me up with those all of this itchy, squeaky, mass produced balls of string.  After seeing this Be Warm Winter Pom Pom Wreath by Cindy at, I decided it was finally time to put them to good use.  I made balls of yarn rather than Pom Poms simply because it reflects me more appropriately.

Right after the holiday I had found this wreath on clearance at Home Depot for a mere $10.  I LOVE burlap anything so I knew right away I could do something with it.

$10 Home Depot Christmas Clearance Wreath

$10 Home Depot Christmas Clearance Wreath

Now from my experience making wreaths, I tend to stay away from foam base forms simply because they crack and fall apart very easily.  Unfortunately, this one had a foam base so rather than using floral wire and  greening pins like I would normally, I used safety pins and a stapler to attach things to the actual burlap rather than to the base. I only used the safety pins to bast the burlap ribbon until  I decided exactly how I wanted it to lay, then stapled it down to the burlap.

Supplies used to attach notions to bulap

Supplies used to attach notions to burlap

The balls of yarn were tied to the base with the yarn itself.   Mini Chalkboard, burlap ribbon and knitting needles were purchased from Michael’s Art’s & Crafts Supply and the mitten has been laying around, patiently waiting for its partner to surface, so I put it to good use in the mean time.

All together the wreath cost about a whopping $35.00    This is a steal considering I average about $100 on supplies when making a wreath.  Gotta love it!!