I miss my fully functioning thumb.  I sliced my finger while giving hubby  a hot towel shave  (more on this coming soon) making me realize how important my left thumb is for knitting.    SO……… I’ve improvised.  I have begun a long winded granny square journey in attempts to one day create one of these beautiful Kaleidoscopic Colour Blankets by Wink over at .


My knowledge and ability to create granny squares is quiet bleak and only know how to create one particular style square, which I learned a few years back while working on my Granny Greenbag pattern by Ellen Bloom.  It’s simple and super fast to make, even more so now that they will be solid colors.  But chances are my thumb will heal quickly, I’ll be back to knitting and these poor squares will sit right next to the unfinished Granny Greenbag waiting for their turn to debut on Ravelry.